The farm Santa Maria Bressanoro

The farm called Santa Maria Bressanoro was bought by Doctor Antonio Vertua in 1838, a direct ancestor of the current owner. Until 1811, the year of the confiscation of church property by Napoleon, it had been the garden of the Franciscan monks of the convent of Santa Maria Bressanoro. The farm itself was built in 1839. The farm buildings included a chapel that was already there, dedicated to Maria. At the beginning of the 1900s the farm was inherited by Luigi Galeotti Vertua who planted the grapes that are still growing along the old walls surrounding the orchard. He also had three small wooden huts built over the two irrigation canals that flow through the orchard. But the biggest change  came  in 1936 when Antonio, Francesco and Giuseppina Galeotti Vertua, nephews and niece of Luigi, plant a model orchard, one of the first in Lombardy. The orchard became a center for study and research for the Università Statale di Agraria di Milano and for the Università Cattolica of Piacenza. Since 2001 the orchard has been a teaching farm for schools, and since 2005 a farm-stay hotel, with rooms for guests.riposo durante la vendemmia



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